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  • 724,939 hotels
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  • 45 million monthly visitors
  • 27 available languages, 44 countries

The gateway to reach your full online potential

Maximize your bookings

With more than 45 million visitors on 40 country sites, trivago is the gateway that helps you generate more bookings. Join trivago Hotelier today.

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Boost your visibility

Enhance your online potential by increasing your visibility. Move up in trivago's rankings and reach out to new markets by generating new reviews to build trust.

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Display quality content

Keep your hotel's profile up-to-date. Provide quality content, inform travelers about your services, create descriptions and upload images. Discover our free tools.

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Track your bookings with trivago

trivago now enables you to monitor your visibility and bookings on a monthly basis.

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Discover the trivago Hotel Price Index

The trivago Hotel Price Index (tHPI) shows the average overnight accommodation prices for the most popular European cities on trivago.

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David Henderson & Laurent Moller

The Townhouse, UK

“Since working with trivago we have improved our occupancy by at least 15% with no costs to ourselves.”