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The more visible you are in the search results, the more likely users are to book with you. It’s as simple as that. But how to go from the middle to the top of the list? Well, the first step is making sure that your profile has outstanding content – excellent text and images. We want to give you the best chance at getting optimal visibility in the search results and are happy to offer you tools and guidance for help.

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Minutes of time could mean millions of clicks.

Hotels with glowing content tend to show up higher in the default than hotels with mediocre content. Professional texts and images and good guest reviews are key. trivago strives to offer its users the best hotel search experience possible, which is why we further promote hotels which have content that the user can really enjoy. Take a few moments to make sure your hotel profile is as brilliant as your business.

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Show us how you shine.

By including as much comprehensive information about your hotel as possible, you will not only make the best impression on users, you will also be easier to spot! The more details you have in your content, the likelier it is that our search filters will locate you and promote your hotel to guests. Professional texts, high-quality images and good reviews are the keystones of glowing content. The more, the merrier.

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The 6 factors that affect your visibility.

Detailed Hotel Information

The more detailed information you provide about your hotel, the easier it is for trivago's search to promote you to your ideal guests.

Excellent Reviews & Ratings

The stronger your service, the more guests we'll send your way. Get feedback about your strengths and weaknesses to fulfill your potential today.

High-Quality Images & Media

First impressions count. Upload excellent images today to ensure that your hotel looks as attractive as possible.

Attractive Rates

Rates are a key decision-making factor for your potential guests. How appealing are your rates compared to those of your competitors?

Active Communication

There is no better source of feedback than your own guests. Additionally, trivago rewards active communication with increased visibility.

Direct Searches

Direct searches are an indication of users' interest in your hotel. The higher it is on trivago, the higher you'll be ranked. Improve your traffic today.

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