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Accommodations in Old Kilpatrick near Antonine Wall (Old Kilpatrick, United Kingdom)


Antonine Wall (Old Kilpatrick, United Kingdom)

The Antonine Wall is about 100 miles further north than the better known Hadrian’s Wall. It runs for 37 miles across the narrow part of central Scotland, between modern day Old Kilpatrick in the west and Bo’ness in the east. It was built on the order of Antoninus Pius, the emperor who succeeded Hadrian, and pushed the north western boundary of the empire to its furthest extent. Construction began about 142AD and it was occupied for about 20 years before being abandoned, and the frontier fell back to Hadrian’s Wall. Some reoccupation occurred at the end of the 2nd century when Septimus Severus was emperor but lasted only a few years. This Wall was mainly turf on a stone base and so much has disappeared or been built on over the centuries. Like Hadrian’s Wall it linked existing forts (Agricola had advanced this far north in the 1st century) and had a defensive ditch in front and a military road running behind. The best places to see vestiges of the Wall, forts or ditches are Bearsden, Barr Hill, Croy Hill and Rough Castle. Finds from excavations are mostly in the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow. In July 2008 the Antonine Wall acquired UNESCO World Heritage status as part of the Frontiers of the Roman Empire which include Hadrian’s Wall and the Upper Raetian German Limes.

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Old Kilpatrick
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