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Accommodations in Paris near Eiffel tower (Paris, France)


Eiffel tower (Paris, France)

Historically, the Eiffel Tower is a Prime Reason for that Visit to Paris

Since the 1890s, the Eiffel Tower has been the focal point for visitors to Paris. Towering over the city, Gustave Eiffel’s structure was created for 1889’s Exposition Universelle and was completed in just over two years. No one seems to know how they calculated it, but the Tower’s weight is estimated as being in excess of 10,000 tons. The lower levels of the Tower contain shops and restaurant outlets, but it is the higher, third level which has the real fascination; those incredible views of Paris that are unequalled anywhere else.

The Eiffel Tower at Night has an Illuminating and Familiar Presence

In order to get the best from your stay in Paris, visit the Eiffel Tower during daylight hours and again as night falls when, every evening and on the hour, a beacon of light shines over the city, accompanied by the Tower’s sparkling illuminations. All this may seem strangely familiar to visitors from the UK, and so it should. In 1894, the UK coastal resort of Blackpool blatantly created a smaller, but still towering replica of the Eiffel Tower and accompanied it with numerous hotels and two months of spectacular illuminations. All these remain extremely popular to this day, so as the Eiffel Tower’s fame spreads well beyond the borders of France, the message from the UK, in particular, is merci beaucoup.

Why not Dine at the Eiffel Tower as Part of Your Visit to Paris

Since the 1800s, the Eiffel Tower and a visit to Paris have gone, romantically, hand-in-hand. The Eiffel Tower really does command the Champ de Mars and, whilst no one seems to know how they calculated it, the weight is estimated as being in excess of 10,000 tons. The lower levels of the structure contain shops and two extremely popular restaurants, 58 Tour Eiffel and Le Jules Verne. By pre-booking your preferred Eiffel Tower restaurant, you can ensure missing out on some really tiresome lift queues; plus, you may be lucky enough to secure a window seat table with romantic views across Paris. It’s a wonderful backdrop for romantic dining in Paris. However, head on up to the third floor and those city views become even more wondrous. Waiter! The bill, s’il vous plait.

It’s Easy to Book Hotels That are Close to the Eiffel Tower in Paris

If expense is not a prime concern, then you can enjoy some truly great hotels that are within a short distance of the Eiffel Tower. Try for instance, Hotel George V, it features a pool, choice of restaurants, luxury spa, and sauna. The area has many self-catering apartment options, often with an optional hotel facility, and include the Studio Eiffel Bir Hakeim. But, if you want to stay close to your favoured Paris attraction, via trivago, you can easily identify just the right accommodation for you, often just using a postal address. For example, the Eiffel Tower is on the Champ de Mars, so the charmingly quaint hotel of the same Champ de Mars is an obvious one to consider. Incidentally, this particular hotel is also, usefully and conveniently close to École Militaire metro station. Wherever you stay, just look out for the Eiffel Tower; you can’t miss it.

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