Turn clicks into bookings for free

Enable travelers to instantly book with you from any device using trivago Express Booking.

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How does it work?

With only two steps travelers can do their express booking.

When travelers select your rate on trivago, we redirect them to your fully responsive Express Booking page to complete their reservation in two easy steps.

Does your website make it easy for travelers to book, even on the go?

Increase your conversion

Provide travelers with an excellent booking experience on desktop and mobile devices to achieve higher booking conversion.

Turn clicks into bookings

Promote your brand

Build and maintain brand awareness among travelers by displaying your logo throughout the entire booking process.

Promote your brand

Expand your business

Enter new markets without spending the necessary time and resources required for website localization.

Expand your business

Success Stories

trivago Express Booking proved to be an all-in-one solution to the challenges we were facing. - Alfonso Perez, Sales & Marketing Director at AYRE Hoteles Read the full story
trivago Express Booking enabled us to increase our average booking value by more than 110%. - Omer Granot, CEO and co-founder of Cancelon Read the full story


Does trivago charge a commission for bookings made via Express Booking?
No. trivago uses a cost-per-click (CPC) business model, which means that you're only charged when a user clicks on on your advertised rate for a hotel.
Are there any costs associated with the implementation of trivago Express Booking?
No. The implementation of Express Booking is free of charge.
How do I implement Express Booking?
The implementation of Express Booking consists of four separate phases: a technical consultation, the API setup, testing and quality assurance, and the launch of Express Booking on specified locales.
If I do not have a localized website for a specific market, can I enter this market using Express Booking?
Yes. Express Booking equips you with fully localized and optimized booking pages that can be used to enter new markets. You'll only need to provide us with your terms and conditions.
How does the display and experience of Express Booking differ between desktop and mobile?
Express Booking employs a fully responsive website design that adapts to all devices, providing a consistent and superior user experience that's based on data-driven optimization and trivago's extensive market knowledge.
Will trivago Express Booking affect the ranking of hotels within the search results or the position of advertisers' rates?
Whether you use Express Booking or not, hotels and rates will still be ranked according to the same rules within the trivago marketplace.
Who owns the customer data?
Because users complete their bookings with you, you own the data they provide.