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    Tijuana, the Gateway to Mexico

    A sprawling metropolis, Tijuana, Mexico has always attracted party animals. While the city has been renowned for its nightlife since the Prohibition Era, Tijuana offers visitors more than clubs and bars. The city can be explored via its famed Zona Centro, but culture vultures will note that the very streets of Tijuana are a canvas for local artists. For those hoping for a reprieve from its hustle and bustle, the beaches and chilled hotel options west of Tijuana – referred to as the Gateway to Mexico – offer both sea vistas and thought-provoking views of the fortified border fence. .

    Get Your Bearings South of the Border

    Tijuana is located immediately across the border from the city of San Diego, California. Tucked away in the extreme northwest of the country in Mexico's Baja California state and bordered by the Pacific, Tijuana is within close proximity of several long, sandy beaches. In terms of layout, the city's central core is composed of a cluster of zonas or neighbourhoods, districts which are bounded by the seemingly endless sprawl of suburbs. Standing with your back to the U.S. border, you can't help but notice the Tijuana Arch, the city's most conspicuous landmark. This stainless steel structure is located at the far end of the Avenida Revolucíon, Tijuana's main thoroughfare. To the north of the arch is the red light district of Zona Norte, but the delights of Zona Centro – an area which boasts the bulk of Tijuana’s entertainment and shopping opportunities plus an array of hotels – lies just ahead to the south. .

    Exploring the Zona Centro

    The sights of interest to most newcomers to Tijuana are concentrated in the Zona Centro district. Those arriving from the U.S. will find that Avenida Revolución – lined with bars, clubs, cantinas and art galleries – begins here. This neighbourhood also contains the bulk of Tijuana's historical sites, including the striking Catedral de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe. Just across the street is Mercado El Popo, a street market where visitors can purchase everything from fresh food to traditional Mexican handicrafts. While hungry travelers can sample seafood-heavy Tijuana cuisine throughout the city, the Zona Centro is home to Caesar's, the establishment that brought the world its now-famous eponymous salad back in the 1920s. Nearby, art lovers can stroll through the Pasaje Rodriguez (PRAD), a creative mural-splashed enclave in the heart of downtown. Heading toward the Tijuana River, visitors will find the city's cultural centre, which boasts a wealth of regional history as well as films, exhibitions and even an aquarium. .

    Big Beaches and Rosarito

    For those looking for respite from the sprawl of Tijuana, relief can be found just due west of the city. The playas de Tijuana, or beaches of Tijuana, unfurl along a wide strip of Pacific coast, offering sun and sea as well as an array of bars, restaurants and coffee shops. In addition to an oceanfront promenade, visitors can also take in the area’s public murals and its lush raised gardens. Those in a contemplative mood can also take in the surreal seaside section of the U.S.-Mexico border fence, which is scrawled with graffiti-cum-art. While the atmosphere in this part of town is chilled-out, thrill-seekers won’t feel left out. Indeed, those with the stomach for it can watch a traditional Mexican bullfight at the Monumental Plaza de Toros, Tijuana’s seaside bullring. Visitors to the area hoping for more of a typical resort feel can head further south to Rosarito, which has a large American expat community and traditional resort hotels. .

    Siestas y Sabors

    From dormitories to solid rooms and higher-end options, there is no dearth of accommodation in the city. Those keen on exploring the Zona Centro district will be pleased to know that the bulk of hotels and accommodation in Tijuana can be found here, especially around Avenida Constitución. But for travellers eager to eschew the big city for a more relaxed atmosphere, numerous hotels to the west of Tijuana offer a decidedly relaxed seaside experience. While ocean-view accommodation is available here, those looking for something different will find that, in great contrast to many a city-centre hotel in Tijuana, the high-rises of Rosarito offer conventional resort-style accommodation. In terms of gastronomy, while standard Mexican fare can be found just about anywhere in the city, seafood is king in both Tijuana and throughout the state of Baja California. In fact, the area is famous for its fusion of Mexican, Mediterranean and Asian cuisines, a style of cooking now celebrated as Baja Med.

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