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Venice Holidays are Meant to be Unforgettable

Venice is one of those iconic destinations that everybody wants to see in their lifetime. It is a city rich with history, culture and charm. The “city of masks” is not only a destination for romantic getaways, but also for families. With art galleries, museums, shopping, charming cafes and more, one trip to Venice won’t feel enough.

Venice on a Budget: Consider a Hostel or B&B

Staying in Venice can be difficult, not only because lodging can be pricey, but because getting to a hotel on the islands can be tough - especially if you’re carrying luggage. If arriving from the airport with a large suitcase, or if travelling out of season, you may have to take a water taxi, which can incur an additional cost. For this reason, many visitors choose to stay near the main Vaporetto terminals, or on the mainland, just outside of Venice.

If you’re looking to save money on lodging, consider a bed and breakfast. A B&B (commonly also written as “bnb”) can also be a great lodging option if you’re looking to get to know local culture from actual residents of the city, as many are owned by authentic Venetians. Hostels are ideal for social travellers, or those travelling alone.

Of course, there are plenty of luxury hotels throughout the city as well, if money is no object. Regardless of your accommodation choice, Venice has something for everyone.

Come to the “City of Canals” Outside of Peak Season to Avoid Crowds

There is a reason why most people visit between June and August – this is when Venice weather is at its best. With the city’s popularity growing, tourism season has expanded too, so one should expect crowds from Spring to mid-Fall.

If visiting from November to March, bring along a pair of rain boots, as the city to prone to regular flooding – a phenomenon known as “acqua alta”. Although the weather turns colder and rainier, this can be an excellent time to see Venice without waiting in lines.

Explore and Experience “The Floating City”

Venice consists of over a hundred islands, all of which are connected by canals, not roads, so expect to walk or use the water taxis known as Vaporettos to get around. Vaporettos are not only the main mode of transportation for locals, but also a cheap way to tour the city.

A key stop off the Grand Canal is Piazza San Marco, the city’s main square. There, one will find St. Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace, and the iconic Campanile Bell Tower. An elevator ride up to the top of the tower will take you to what is considered the best view in Venice.

Crossing the Grand Canal is Ponte di Rialto, the city’s most popular bridge and also another excellent vantage point.

While there are a number of historical sites throughout the city, one of the recommended things to do in Venice for art lovers is a visit to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, which houses exquisite modern works. Even if art is not your forte, stopping by a gallery is highly recommended.

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